Saving at Safeway

I feel very blessed to live in the Bay Area. It’s a large metropolitan area with MANY choices for your grocery needs. I am one of those nerds that looks at my weekly Safeway ad to see what’s on sale. I find Safeway to not be the cheapest option (It is the Bay Area! Everything is so costly) but with a little homework, you can get the most for your dollar at this major grocery chain.

Shop on Fridays

Save at Safeways on Friday only specials
Check your weekly ad for Friday Savings


If I HAVE to go to Safeway, I’ll go on Fridays. They sometimes have good deals such as whole rotisserie chickens for $5 each or bushels of fruit for only $5. You can potentially save some big bucks especially if you have a big family (or a boy in-a-constant-state-of-growing-pains. Like me!).

After you figure out your Friday savings, try to maximize your precious time there by taking a brief look at the following three places.


Go to the Discount Rack 

Located at the back of the store by the warehouse entrance you will find at least 1 large wire rack with items marked for discount. Don’t be disillusioned that this area is restricted to dented cans of corn, missing labels of canned ???, creased boxes of discount cereal, and expired products. Yes, you may find those. However, you will find artisinal coffees such as these which are from local coffee roaster

Explore the Discount Rack for savings on items such as cereals, canned goods, coffee, shampoos, etc.
Find products that are up to 75% off.


Manager’s Special in the Meat and Fish Areas

Look in the meat and fish area for Manager's Specials for savings up to 50% off.
Look in the meat and fish area for Manager’s Specials for savings up to 50% off.

In the Meat area (sometimes the fish area too), you will find the Manager’s Special sign. These are meats that are approaching their Sell To date. Definitely use commonsense judgement. I look at the color of the meat to indicate whether it’s fresh and of course look at the date. I buy regularly from this area and have NEVER gotten sick, and I like a medium rare steak.

Save 50% Off on Meats like this steak that was one day Before the Sell Thru Date
Manager’s Special on Meat


Frozen Aisle Discount

Usually located at the end of the frozen aisle. You will find things like frozen burritos, non-dairy ice cream, and frozen appetizers. Once in a while, I’m surprised to find Amy’s Organic frozen meals or other non-processed foods. It doesn’t seem to correlate to expiration dates but rather what they are just getting rid of to make room for other frozen items.

In conclusion….

Safeway also have monthly coupon books, U-save app. I do wish that Safeway would just offer all across the board savings without having to search for Waldo for each visit. This is my grocery store of choice but sometimes they have items like Diet Dr. Pepper which I like on occasion.

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