Getting Laid-off….

Earlier this year, I got laid-off from my new job after merely a month of work.  It was a job that I was excited about since it would introduce me to the tech sector here in the Bay Area.  I had a feeling that things were in the works to lay me off.  The first clue was that the owner reassigned a project to another colleague, the other clues were more intuition based such as how he was treating me, etc. In the end, I was given the excuse that their funding didn’t come through. Thanks, I left my previous job to come to this one. You didn’t secure enough funding for me to come on-board? (sense the sarcastic tone). I remained professional and departed.

In hindsight, I knew that company had some serious problems. I was hoping that things would get better but deep down, I knew they would not.

I went through the 5 stages of grief with the added stages of panic and extreme frugality.  Like so many that get laid-off from work, my confidence was shot. It took me some deep soul searching and good friends to bring me back up.

As I search for a job, I still go through these stages again and again. You go through the process of interviewing only to find out they passed you for another candidate.  I recently was really bummed about not getting a job offer. 2 interviews and attending their special VIP party now feels like a huge waste of time. However, I did have strong reservations about that company. Like getting dumped from a boyfriend you didn’t want anyways.

Looking for a job is such a time-suck. You research all these employment sites endlessly, applying, phone interviews, in-person interviews, possibly testing and evaluations…being unemployed doesn’t mean that I’m not working!

I rescinded to admitting to my FB friends that I got laid-off and that I would appreciate any job leads, etc. Admitting that you need help has never a strong suit of mine. It opened the flood gates of sad emoticons but it did touch people who I hadn’t spoken to in a while. And that was nice, to know that others are listening and willing to help.

Still no job at this time but I’m trying to be grateful for the additional time that I have with my son as he starts off the world of 4th Grade. I’m learning a lot about what I want versus what I need and that has been eye-opening.



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