Meetup Fun

When I moved up to the Bay Area I was quite lonely. No longer did I have an extended friend network like I did back home. I also found it hard to meet new moms in my new city. These moms had already established cliques since their babies were probably in the womb. I didn’t stand a chance.

It took me a while to gather the courage to go to my first Meetup event. My first Meetup event was an Asian American specific meetup at a popular ramen place in SF. You would think that I was going on a job interview or a first date, I was so nervous. I looked truly hesitant when I arrived but I was fortunate that one of the attendees welcomed me right away. Turned out he was from my home town and was new to the Bay Area as well.

One Meetup turned into many Meetups and meeting all kinds of interesting people and places that the Bay Area has to offer.

Since I got laid off, it’s become a great resource for networking and for learning about free events for business professionals. I’ve gone to various FREE exercise classes, attend new restaurants and learned about some great local businesses.

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